Linux Amazingly Runs Great on Faulty Hardware

We recently switched over from Windows to Ubuntu on a lot of our computers (about 400 computers) for many reasons I won’t get into now. One thing I can say is that our ancient 8-10 year old computers run [b]so[/b] much better than they did with Windows. We would frequently run into hardware related issues where Windows would randomly blue screen.

The same computers with Linux on them run just fine. Have for quite some time now. We notice that computers with failing hardware seem to run fine with Linux… see some of the amazing pictures below on functioning Linux computers.

ASCII Printer Status
CUPS Print menu…

Corruption ifconfig
Ifconfig, at least we got our IP of the computer.

That ASCII is supposed to be the computer name.

We have been amazed on the faulty hardware that Linux will just work with…

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