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Amusing screenshots, etc.

Comcast’s Awesomely Accurate Progress Bar

One of my favorite parts of being a Comcast customer is getting to login to my client portal and see my data usage.  (Of course I will enjoy this much less if they eventually decide to enforce their 250GB cap in my area, that will require me to find another ISP or pay their unlimited usage charge or a business class tier).

What I do get a good laugh out of is their ridiculously arbitrary progress bar.

Here is my data usage for January 2016:

As you can see, I used 560GB of data… which although their (non-enforced) cap is 250GB, this appears to be roughly 60% of some arbitrary maximum?


I was quite surprised to login today on February 2nd and see this fantastic usage meter appear:

It would seem that 4GB is almost as much usage as 560GB, who’d have thought?!

I checked on the other page as well and found the same ridiculousness:

I would love to know what’s going on in Comcast’s heads sometimes!

Lazy Spammers…

There was once a time when reading my spam folder was actually entertaining.  I got to sift through wild stories about Nigerian royalty, deceased relatives I never knew I had, and relatives claiming to be stranded in faraway lands like Spain and England, mugged, and without their passports.

But lately, I’ve been looking for humorous spam emails like these, and I’ve been very disappointed by the lack of effort put forth by today’s spammers.


Interesting… I can’t say that I remember scheduling a flight into New York, but who am I to argue with a legitimate airline like Badoo?



This might be more convincing if I actually knew VERNELL, or had an HP scanner.  It’s kind of amusing that they originated the email from my own domain name.



Thank you very much BERYL for my LinkedIn invoice…



I have no idea who you are, JENELLE MOSELEY, but I will certainly do everything in my power to help you with this bill.  Were you recently hired in at my company as a book keeper and I wasn’t told?



I am always relieved to know that my Twitter Online Banking account is secure.  I would certainly want to look into this…



You’re right, every day is a gift, so I shouldn’t waste it reading your poorly worded spam…



I don’t know why everyone thinks I want changelogs.  Thank you Mr. Walls, Mr. Slade, and Mr. uh, Stoner…


In my entire Junk folder, the only email I found with any effort put forth was this fake order confirmation from Intuit.


Sometimes, I yearn for the days of Nigerian royalty.

Newly found DVD limit…

Apparently DVD’s hold insane amounts of storage now. While burning a typical linux distro DVD, I may have found a glitch…

Screenshot - 11282012 - 06:30:54 PM

My DVD burner can now burn 18.4 EB DVD’s.


Linux Amazingly Runs Great on Faulty Hardware

We recently switched over from Windows to Ubuntu on a lot of our computers (about 400 computers) for many reasons I won’t get into now. One thing I can say is that our ancient 8-10 year old computers run [b]so[/b] much better than they did with Windows. We would frequently run into hardware related issues where Windows would randomly blue screen.

The same computers with Linux on them run just fine. Have for quite some time now. We notice that computers with failing hardware seem to run fine with Linux… see some of the amazing pictures below on functioning Linux computers.

ASCII Printer Status
CUPS Print menu…

Corruption ifconfig
Ifconfig, at least we got our IP of the computer.

That ASCII is supposed to be the computer name.

We have been amazed on the faulty hardware that Linux will just work with…

Disk Usage Analyzer is… wrong…

Upon investigating a lack of hard drive space on a server I brought up the disk usage analyzer and scanned the remote drive.


If you pay close attention, you may realize that /proc is 128 TB (yes i know that isn’t supposed to be scanned). However the more interesting part is also that total disk usage was not more than 128TB, furthermore total filesystem capacity listed at the top is also not correct at only 3.7 TB with 2.6TB free…

None of these numbers add up in any way…